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Grand Bay in Mauritius

The seaside resort of Grand Bay is located in the Rivière du Rempart district on the northwest coast of the island. It is approximately 25Km north of the capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis, and lies between the villages of Pereybère and Trou aux Biches. To get to Grand Bay from Port-Louis it is a 20 to 30 minute drive, whereas to reach Grand Bay from the airport it takes you an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Evaluation of Grand Bay

Tourist area
Catering options

Cleanliness of Grand Bay
Tourist attractions

Value for money

When you visit Grand Bay, you're sure to have a lot to do. In addition to lying on the beach and enjoying the sun, you will find lagoons for swimming, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and many water sports. The Grand Bay area is a great place to discover the breathtaking underwater life of Mauritius by going on one of the underwater adventures such as, underwater excursion and underwater scooter. For diving enthusiasts, there are many dive sites to choose from. All of them are located along the coral reefs which are teeming with fish of all kinds. That said, Grand Bay is also a key point for deep-sea fishing trips where you can also visit the northern islands of : Le Coin de Mire, l'île Plate, l'île Ronde, l'île aux Serpents and l'îlot Gabriel.

Grand Bay and its surroundings also offer a wide choice of fashion and craft shops, hotels and restaurants. You can find traditional local shops in Grand Bay, some of which have been operating for almost 50 years, alongside modern shopping centres and world-brand boutiques. Given the variety of shops and shopping complexes, Grand Bay is certainly a destination of choice for clothing, jewellery, textiles and souvenirs.

Grand Bay map

Weather in Grand Bay

Température in Grand Bay
Eté : Novembre à Avril - 30 degree
Hiver : May à Octobre - 18 degree

Nuage en hiver à Grand Baie
50% - Sans nuage
20% - Surtout clair
10% - Partiellement Nuageux
10% - Principalement nuageux
Nuage en été à Grand Baie
20% - Sans nuage
15% - Surtout clair
15% - Partiellement Nuageux
50% - Principalement nuageux

Where to stay in Grand-Baie?

Over the last decade, the physical aspect of the tourist industry has undergone a great change with the emergence of hotels and villas in this part of the island. Mauritius has evolved from a secret paradise known to a small number of travellers to a popular holiday destination. Mauritius has developed a wide range of hotel networks and numerous accommodation solutions.

Grand Bay, as the leading holiday destination in Mauritius, offers a variety of hotels, guest houses and private flats and villas. There are many places to stay in and around Grand Bay, including hotels, guest houses and villas ranging from luxury resorts to bed and breakfast accommodation. For those looking to buy property, this area has a lot to offer. There are existing houses and villas available, and several new developments are also under construction or have recently been completed.

Please find below a list of the main hotels in Grand Bay:

Veranda Grand Bay
Le Mauricia Hotel
20 Sud Ocean
Royal Palm Villas
Ventura Hotel
Merville Beach Resort

Nightlife in Grand-Baie

Grand Bay is also known for its nightlife as it is home to most of the best bars and nightclubs on the island, including Banana Café, Zanzibar, Les Enfants Terribles and the famous Buddha Bar. For night owls, Grand Bay's nightclubs are the place to be, where parties gather, usually around midnight and parties last until the early hours of the morning.

Plage de la Cuvette Beach

The public beach of La Cuvette is very close to the centre of Grand Bay. The beach is located near the Royal Palm Hotel and you can reach it by going from the centre of Grand Bay to Pereybere. The beach is quite small and intimate. The water is very calm and the beach is free of rocks and corals. It is very pleasant to walk from the beach along the coast to the centre of Grand Bay.

Grand Bay beach in Mauritius

The public beach of Grand Bay is located in the centre of Grand Bay and is impossible to miss. Due to the very active traffic of boats and catamarans in the bay, the public beach has only a small area where you can enter the water. Although there is no doubt that the beach is very pleasant and offers a magnificent view of Grand Bay and the beautiful bay, you must take into account that due to all the shipping traffic inside the bay, the water is probably not as clear as in the other beach. Grand Bay's public beach is easily accessible on foot from anywhere in Grand Bay and you can enjoy a range of facilities on and along the beach, such as fresh juice stands, fast food stands, beach restaurants and many more.

Shopping facilities...you are served !

La Croisette shopping centre in Grand Bay is one of the most outstanding shopping centres in Mauritius. This shopping centre is dedicated to entertainment, fashion and a mix of flavours. You will find an exceptional range of outlets, from high-end international fashion brands to local handicrafts. Gourmets will be delighted by the number of international food chains and local restaurants in the food court. In addition, being one of the largest shopping centres in the northern region, the shopping centre includes a multiplex cinema for all movie lovers, as well as other leisure activities for the younger ones. The shopping centre houses more than 110 retail and food shops for all shopping enthusiasts.

Large Bay Coeur De Ville

Within walking distance of the beach and shopping centre, Grand Bay Coeur de Ville is the place where locals and tourists alike can find everything they need in a modern environment - from fresh local fruit to handcrafted souvenirs. With over 70 shops and the Super U hypermarket, this shopping centre is a shopper's paradise where they can indulge in local produce, world brands, clothing and jewellery. There are also a number of international food chains in the food court, as well as a Chinese and Indian restaurant. For entertainment, you can try your luck at the Ti Vegas casino or if you are not a risk taker, you can visit the bowling alley. There is also an arcade and bumper cars for children. This shopping mall is a place not to be missed when you are in Grand Bay.

Bazaar of Grand Bay in Mauritius

For all those who like to bargain or who wish to buy local products, the Grand Bay bazaar is a must-see place. Also known as the Grand Bay market, it is located just off the Royal Road of Grand Bay. There you will find a number of stalls and stalls with local merchants selling a variety of items, including crafts, souvenirs, textiles, bags, jewellery and clothing, at relatively cheap prices. Keep in mind that most items may be imitations of international brands. While you are here, you may also have the opportunity to enjoy local snacks.

Sunset Boulevard

Located in the tourist centre, on the main road, Sunset Boulevard. It is the oldest shopping centre in Mauritius where you can find more than 50 international brands. Prices in this centre can be quite high, but this is because of the many high-end shops selling high quality clothes, knitwear, leather goods, souvenirs, beachwear and jewellery. In addition to shopping, its picturesque location makes it a good stopover, where you can stop for a coffee or a meal in the many comfortable restaurants and cafés.

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